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Female Football Coaching

Female football coaching and development programs designed and delivered by accredited professionals

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Four Pillars of Player Centered Training

Find out what makes FFC the leading choice for female football teams in Canberra.


  • Touches on the ball with and without opposition.
  • Learning a variety of turns, skills, touches and striking the ball to aid creativity.


  • Challenges that offer a wide range of experience and situations.
  • Age appropriate level of ownership and choice.
  • Encouraging and demonstrating to players how to praise, encourage and motivate others.


  • Playing in different group sizes and different numerical opposition in training e.g. 1v1, 2v1, 4v2, 4v4.
  • Using different challenges within training for different players to individually challenge them.


  • Injury Prevention.
  • Being encouraged to use their own unique physical capabilities.
  • Preparing practices that challenge players at different stages of their development.

Why Choose FFC

With over 15 years of experience of coaching both boys and girls in youth and senior settings there is not player we can't work with. If you're looking for a reliable company that will improve every individual player through fun and exiciting activities, then FFC is a great fit for you.

FFC have previously worked at professional clubs in England like Chelsea, as well as in Australian W-League with Canberra United, coaching some of the best female players. We strive to ensure that every player not only enjoys their footbaling journey but improves in the 4 key areas, technical, tactical, psychological and physical, focusing on the whole player.

Player Centered Approach to Football Coaching

A player-centered approach to coaching is important to teach individuals to able to make decisions in a game where a coach isn't there to tell them what to do. As a result, players are given the freedom to develop their own style where they feel most comfortable to deal with pressured situations in games.

Session Fundamentals

70% ball rolling time

Step 1

Allow for lots of decision making

Step 1

As game realistic as possible

Step 1

Use coaching and learning styles to suit the players

Step 1

Challenge and motivate individuals

Step 1

Positive and enthusiastic manner at all times

Step 1

Clear, simple aims and objectives

Step 1

Beginner to Advanced Coaching Clinics

FFC sessions are designed with consideration to the age, skill, and competition level of players.
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Advanced Clinics

The advanced clinics place players into a comprehensive, age related, technical and tactical training programme whilst also looking to support their holistic development (Psychological and Social). The clinics are designed to supplement players teams training, giving them more tools to aid their performance on the weekend.

The clinics run through term time and will follow a bespoke scheme of work that involves cycles to ensure development. The curriculum has been designed to include each of the core FA topics like first touch, striking the ball, defending, dribbling, and running with the ball. The sessions will be delivered, in an engaging, challenging, and safe environment; where the players are encouraged to play with freedom and creativity, solving on-going problems and making informed decisions; without the fear of failure.

All sessions allow the players to be experimental and try new things, this is also encouraged by all our coaches, and a philosophy we aim to run through all our delivery programmes.

Small Sided Tournaments

Every scenario of football can be recreated in small-sided games, the stipulations of SSGs are the same as they are in large sided games. Decision making, technical execution, physical output are key elements to 2v2/4v4 as well as traditional 11v11. For younger players, these formats are essential to development, players receive the ball more regularly, more attacking and defending opportunities, encourages better shape and team-awareness and most importantly more goals!

Inclusive play

With small-sided tournaments, any number of players can be involved meaning there are no subs. Even with odd numbers you can recreate under loaded and over loaded situations by having a floater that can move to any pitch at any time.

Positive challenges

FFC would run these tournaments in order to replicate street football. Each week changing different factors like rules, age groups and team numbers to consistently challenge players and ultimately improve their decision making all through playing. 

Engaging format

To add in competition players get individual points for winning games, at the end of the 10 week cycle we would have a ‘winning mentality‘ table showing one winner from each age group. The competition format is engaging and rewarding for all players.

Holiday Camps

Holiday camps are designed for players of all skill levels, if that’s just starting out or it’s a player’s main sport, everyone is welcome. Set in a fun, relaxed environment players days are planned around fun activities. Player will learn everything from basic skills to tactical concepts, as well as creating & denying space and leadership.


A typical day would include technical work and fun games in the morning, small sided games and small group exercises followed by an afternoon of tournaments and big sided games.


The main outcomes for players are enjoyment first and foremost, followed by learning and competitiveness. Striking the right balance of fun and learning keeps young players wanting more.


We aim to have all players actively participating in every activity throughout each session. Players can get over 1000 touches during camps, as well as enjoyment and learning to work with others. 

1-on-1 Coaching and Small Group Sessions

FFC sessions are held in Sydney, NSW and Canberra, ACT. 

Find out how FFC can bring more skill and enjoyment to the game.
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Beginner to Advanced

1-on-1 Coaching

Our 1 on 1 and group session football specific personal coaching is designed to focus on the areas that youth players needs to succeed in the modern game. FFC will help players improve their technique, decision making, speed, agility, power with and without the ball. Our 1on1 football coaches have vast experience of working with all types of players. Players who want to push onto the next level into NPL or A League/W League, as well as players who are just starting out and getting a feel for football. Our 1 on 1 program has been developed over years and builds each technique individually, like building blocks so that the player can then take these skills into games.
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Female soccer players being coached in Canberra.
Beginner to Advanced

Small Group Sessions

Female Football Coaching is ideal for players of any age or ability, as coaching sessions can help players develop all the necessary skills to make them feel confident about going out and playing football. We can help players regain or boost their confidence levels by working on their technique 1on1 and giving them the chance to try things in a positive environment where making mistakes are an opportunity to learn. 1 on 1 and group coaching sessions are an ideal opportunity to help build a player’s morale and make their experience on the pitch much more positive. Improving a player all round technique will help boost a player’s confidence, a confidence the player can then take into game situations.
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Beginner to Advanced

Team Training

We believe all players who have exceptional work ethic, the determination to develop and who are passionate about football should be given the opportunity to excel in a professional and positive environment. Our coaches have extensive background in working at high level clubs and know what it takes for players to succeed. FFC sets high expectations for all players we work with, the end goal of producing players with a high level of technical ability alongside the holistic development, ultimately preparing to progress forward in their footballing journey. FFC can provide support for coaches within the club, take sessions or take on whole teams for a season. We are here to service your needs.
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